What is Shear Fuzion™?

Shear Fuzion™ is a patented shear and comb combination. It is the most ergonomic, technological, and innovative haircutting tool ever designed.

Shear Fuzion eliminates the need to switch the comb from one hand to another, reducing the stress on the wrist and fingers. Its uniquely designed thumbrest allows you to cut hair without awkwardly positioning your thumb. The stop pivot point protects the comb.

According to a study done by engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh, Shear Fuzion significantly decreased the time spent on a haircut as compared to the normal haircutting technique.

Who invented Shear Fuzion™?

Enrico Bellisario created this incredible tool. Enrico has been cutting hair for 40 years. Shear Fuzion has been in the making for 10 years. Since using Shear Fuzion, he has saved time (approximately 5 minutes per cut), and his fingers and wrists are less strained. Shear Fuzion has helped him achieve speed and accuracy for a precision cut.

See Shear Fuzion™ in action!

This video shows the Shear Fuzion in action.

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What is Shear Fuzion™ made of?

The Shear Fuzion's blade is made from 3.0mm Japanese stainless steel, vacuum heat-treated and ice-tempered. The grip and comb are made of ABS resin. The length of the entire unit, including the finger rest, is 6.5 inches.

How to care for Shear Fuzion™

Spray sterilization is recommended. Oil screw daily and sterilize after every use. For haircutting only.

How much does Shear Fuzion™ cost?

Purchase at: Enrico's Haircutting for Men

3516 5th Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213-3332

Shear Fuzion costs $45.00 plus shipping of $4.95 plus applicable tax all in US territories. Outside the U.S. please call 724-863-3218 or lorishearfuzion@aol.com

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